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Magnetic response parts

Magnets and magnetic products are indispensable in production and household, the scope of their application is incredibly extensive. However, in some cases, you can not do without accessories for magnets.

The response parts to the magnets are the metal elements used to bond the two parts of the material, ideally suited to the mechanisms of frequent opening / closing - magnetic locks. Usually very thin in 0.8-1.5 mm, the response holes are easily built into the product and become completely invisible. This feature makes it possible to make a magnetic lock not only functional, but also aesthetic.

The response parts are more often used in case the response material is not made of metal (wood, paper, cardboard, fabric, etc.).

Produced in the form:
Washers / disc;
Magnetic ring with a diameter;
Magnetic drive / holder.
The response parts are made of galvanized steel, are recommended for coupling with neodymium magnets. Despite the small size, metal discs allow you to fasten heavy structures and objects.

When choosing the answer to neodymium magnets pay attention to the indicators:

The diameter of the product is D10 (10 mm), D12 (12 mm), D14 (14 mm);
Height - from 1 mm;
The weight of the disc - with a standard minimum size of 10x1 ≈ 0.6 grams.
On an industrial scale, the response parts to magnets are used in a variety of spheres:

Furniture and interior fittings;
Souvenir production;
Packaging - gift boxes, envelopes, packages;
Ornaments - bracelets, brooches, hairpins, etc .;
Advertising and printing products;
Electromagnetic, magnetic locks;
Countersunk folder fastening;
Lock for clothes, bags, wallets, clutch shoes.
In everyday life, metal discs in combination with a neodymium magnet are used to solve the problem of an unclosed locker door, like magnetic holders for the DVR or attaching the curtains to the car - the mating parts themselves are glued to the glass, and the magnets are sewn into the curtain fabric.

Organize a spectacular and mobile lighting the room, decorate with flashlights a fancy dress or make luminous cones for slalom will help the LEDs fixed with an anvil and magnets.

In the field of creativity and hand-made, you can not do without reciprocal parts to magnets - magnetic fasteners will increase the quality of manual work, make the use of the product comfortable and convenient. So magnetic locks are used in scrapbooking to create photo albums, postcards, gift boxes, passport covers, holders (cover for documents and plastic cards).

To fasten the mating part, no special skills or techniques are required, but it is recommended to glue a special glue on the metal to the material.

A small thickness allows to use as a secret fastening in fabric, cardboard;
The cost of a metal disc / washer is several times lower than the price of magnets, so the cost of manufacturing the final product is reduced;
The strength of the magnet's cohesion with the "response" is comparable to the force of the magnet's engagement with the magnet;
The reciprocal part is used with any pole of the magnet (north-N, south-S);
The use of response parts for neodymium magnets increases the strength of the magnet itself - the tear force at the substrate of the metal disk D10 increases from 500 grams to 920 grams;
Resistant to mechanical and chemical effects;
The operating temperature is comparable to the operating conditions of the magnets;
Environmentally safe, because they consist only of metal.