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How XC-Magnets Solutions fits in this market:

The US industry has seen dramatic changes over the past several years as a result of China’s development. Competitive pressures have forced many companies to outsource work or to purchase their products from lower priced overseas suppliers, mainly from China. The transition from domestic to foreign sourcing has not been smooth or easy. While the quality of products from foreign sources has improved significantly, the lack of customer support and unexpected delays in receiving product have caused many domestic users to re-evaluate their supply chain.
Most companies have realized that buying direct from overseas manufacturers has not netted them the lowest price because of the added expenses of lost customer support, unexpected mport fees and long delays. Talking to your supplier or sending someone to visit them has been replaced with sending an email and waiting for long periods for a reply to your concerns and production line outages, once a rarity, have become all too common.

XC magents Solutinos  has witnessed a remarkable growth because of a new trend that has helped solve these problems. Companies that once purchased their products direct from overseas manufacturers have seen good reason to redirect their supply chain to include OEM distributors
that are local to them. This has enabled them to buy low priced products while taking advantage of local and immediate customer support. The way Alliance helps customers with this is to:
• Provide a local sales and technical support person that can visit on a moments notice
• Provide local warehousing. Alliance owns or leases 6 warehouses across North America
• Provide a central staff to make timely deliveries, track shipments and address concerns
• Provide all the necessary testing, design and magnetizing services
• Provide ALL types of magnets to our customers only from qualified producers that have a good
track record and ones who Alliance staff has visited and audited their quality and service.
The list goes on, however, the basic idea is to make life simpler for our customers and to help them become more successful by reducing their costs even further.
Alliance has also realized that relying on China is not an answer to every US customer’s requirement and is certainly not a good long term solution. China will inevitably become a modern
society and therefore not as attractive for low cost goods. Today we work with companies in India, Sweden and Brazil for strategic purchases. It is our belief that India will be the next dominant force for low cost goods and Europe will remain the innovator for new high tech products.